Friday Fancies – Keds and the Perfect Red Lip

Friday Fancies 1

Hi.  My name is Timera, and I’m fancy.  Admittedly, self proclaimed.  If you believe a lie it eventually becomes a truth though, right?  So maybe I’m not as fancy as I’d like to think, but I do FANCY a lot of things.  Because, we are living in a material world, and I am a MateREAL girl.  You love me.

I also love sharing with you all, and recently I feel like there is a lot to share.  And instead of breaking it all out into separate blog posts, I thought I would could create a fun installment called “Friday Fancies.”  Basically, a not-so-basic favorites post.  So that whenever I have a few things I want to share with you – that I think you might fancy as well, and that don’t require a ton of dialog – I will include them in these posts.  Sound good?

Okay, for our first Friday Fancies, I want to feature just a couple of things I have been loving at the moment. Some very special Keds, designed by my one of my FAVORITE brands, Rifle Paper Co.  In addition to the perfect red lip, by Hourglass Cosmetics.

Pictured: Embellished Shoulder Tee, Lane Bryant; Black Trousers, Lane Bryant; Vera Bradley Carson Mini; and Rifle Paper Co. x Keds

To be honest, I’m not much of an athletic shoe person.  They have a purpose, but not in my everyday wardrobe.  I am not really good with the athleisure look, or even super casual looks for that matter.  I personally just feel like a slob when trying to pull off that style, so this is about as casual as I get.

I was thrilled when Rifle Paper Co. initially announced their collaboration with Keds for their first release this past spring.  The designs were beautiful, but nothing that really suited me or my wide feet.  This time around, I was pretty much stalking their website since I got wind of the Fall collection – in hopes for something that was more my aesthetic.  Let’s just say as soon as I saw the Queen Anne Champion Sneakers, I added them to my cart.

Now, I haven’t worn Keds since I was a kid.  So, I was a little apprehensive that these would even fit properly, because they do look quite narrow.  However, I am pleased to report that they fit just fine.  They may not look the cutest on my frame, but I will rock them nonetheless.


The next, and last, thing I want to share with you this week is what I like to call the perfect red lip.  I have been searching for months for a red lipstick.  I love a good red lip. However, if the formula or the color aren’t JUST right, it can look terrible.  I tend to lean towards a more orange-toned red, and I’m completely aware that tone isn’t the most flattering for one’s teeth.  YOLO.

During what seems to be my weekly Sephora trip, I spotted the Confession collection by Hourglass.  The packaging drew me in, if I’m being completely honest.  It puts me to mind of a retro, glam, cigarette holder.  But then I swatched a few colors and I was seriously impressed with the opacity and the formula.  Eventually, I settled on the color “I crave” which is described as bright red.

The small size of the lipstick allows for precision application, which I really like.  That means no lip liner is required.  For a red lip, that’s usually a MUST.  Another bonus is that this formula does not feather!  Hallelujah, a bold lip color that doesn’t feather.  The best part is really how a bold, red lip makes me feel.  I feel completely transformed and instantly more put together.   This lipstick can easily be worn with a casual outfit to take your look up a notch, or worn to compliment the fanciest wardrobe.  A must have in my opinion.



That’s a wrap for our very first Friday Fancies!  Let me know if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more in the future.  Have a great weekend!




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