What’s in My Bag


Ever since I can remember, I have loved going through other people’s handbags.  No shame. As a girl, I would go through my grandmother’s purse, my aunt’s, my mother’s.  Anyone that would let me really. They were always good sports, and allowed the peculiar and inquisitive little MG to rifle through their handbags.  I felt like the items women carried in their bags said a lot about them, in addition to the orderly vs. disorderly state of the bag itself.  For example, my grandmother – she is a woman who is prepared for just about any situation.  I learned this at a young age just by looking through her purse.   I mean – anyone that carries plastic utensils, salt and pepper, and over the counter pain relief capsules is surely ready to face any challenge life throws at them.   It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized my “handbag profiling” proved accurate.  She is the most intelligent and well equipped woman I know to date.

Today, it is a societal norm to share every aspect of our lives on the internet.  So as you can imagine I was thrilled to find others sharing “What’s in My Bag” blog posts and YouTube videos alike.  That’s right people, I am still up to my “handbag profiling” antics, just virtually.  It’s more acceptable that way, don’t you agree?  Anyway,  when I received the Vera Bradley Carson Mini after hosting the “Sophisticated Traveler” event a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to showcase it somehow on the blog.  What better way then my very own “What’s in My Bag” post?


First things first, my compact mirror.  I get a lot of compliments on this whenever I use it in public, and I have to giggle to myself.  Why?  Because I got it from the Disney Store, on clearance.  It is from the “Alice – Through the Looking Glass” collection.  They don’t sell it anymore, unfortunately, but of course Amazon does! You can purchase your very own mirror here.  What does this mirror say about me?  I am vain, have unrealistic expectations (the fantasy aspect), and obviously have fabulous taste.
Tissues.  Because, well, I have a nose.  And I have children.
One of my favorite lip products at the moment is the NARS Orgasm lipstick.  This was purchased ante-announcement of the expansion of sales into the Chinese market, resulting in the animal testing controversy.  Not sure what I am talking about? Read more about it here.
I like to wear the NARS orgasm lipstick over the Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Rose Julep.  It’s the perfect lip combination, and I like having the option of using either one or both.
Hand sanitizer is an ugly necessity, but yours doesn’t have to be ugly! I found this cute watermelon PocketBac holder at Bath & Bodyworks.
If you are an oil slick a few hours into the day, the Tatcha Japanese beauty papers are definitely needed in your handbag.  They don’t disturb my makeup, they actually absorb the oil, and there are 23-karat gold flecks in each leaflet.  Fancy.
Yes, there are card slots sewn into the Carson Mini, however I will never be without my Kate Spade card case.  They don’t sell this guy anymore, but here are a few other options that I LOVE:  Cactus Card Holder and Scalloped Card Holder.
Keys.  I keep these in the back zipper pocket with the lip products so they don’t scratch my phone.
My plus-sized iPhone does not fit very well (story of my life) in the back slip pocket of this bag, but it does fit perfectly in the interior of the bag.  So if you have a similar sized phone, this bag will still work for you.
The Vera Bradley Carson Mini in Sycamore Black all packed up with the aforementioned items.





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