The Sophisticated Traveler

The Sophisticated Traveler

Travel season is upon us – and I don’t know about you – but I find nothing appealing about long car rides or dirty airports.  In all honesty, I really don’t enjoy packing either.  Unpacking is even worse.  So, to make this travel season a little more exciting, I teamed up with my local Vera Bradley located at the Mall of Georgia, and hosted a “Sophisticated Traveler” party last week.  I was honored to be invited to host a party to begin with but when I was presented with the opportunity to choose a theme, I jumped at the chance to feature some of the products that Vera does best.  We are talking high quality, and stylish luggage, in addition to travel accessories.   After all, that is how founders Barbara Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller began their business, with luggage for the sophisticated female traveler.

Before we get into some of the items I will be featuring in this blog, I first wanted to showcase the beautiful MOG Vera Bradley store and some of the party accoutrements.  For any of the guests that attended the party, they received a special percentage off of their purchase for the duration of the event.  They also had some pretty nice swag bags that included items from sponsors from within the mall, including LUSH!  To make things even more fun, there was a “What’s in your Purse?” game, as well as a drawing for a chance to win a Sagebrush Satchel in Gallatin leather.   Check out some of the photos below from the party.

So far this summer I have done the “long car ride” form of traveling.   And in a couple of months, I will embark upon the “dirty airport” journey for a family wedding in the Mid-West.  Both categories require some sort of luggage, and the items I chose to feature can be used for either situation.  The best part – not only are these items chic, they are also extremely functional.


Large Spinner Rolling Luggage Black
First up is the Vera Bradley, Large Spinner Roller Luggage in Black.  Now, I am completely aware that black suitcases are very common, which makes it hard to spot when your black suitcase is lost in a sea of other black suitcases on the baggage claims carousel.  However, it won’t show nearly as much wear and tear as some other colors.  This is just my preference, and the best choice, OBVIOUSLY.  I guess I should probably mention that black is my favorite color.  Vera, fortunately, has a wide variety of rolling luggage – including some patterns – for those of us that live a more colorful life.
Travel Duffel Bag
The Travel Duffle Bag in the Banana Leaves Brown and Black print just might be my favorite item that I feature in this post.  This bag can be used as a carry-on, or for a road-trip weekend getaway.  The colors are neutral, yet the print is bold, making it the perfect travel companion.
Mallory Tote
Sometimes it really is #goodtobeagirl.  For one, we get to carry an additional bag on an aircraft.  That, ladies, is our ever so precious handbag, aka our survival kit!  And this Vera Bradley Mallory Tote in Sycamore Mesa Brown is roomy and has plenty of pocket organization.  Who doesn’t love a good tote?  Especially when you are walking through the airport and little Jimmy needs a tissue, or little Susie thinks she might cease to exist without her iPad.  #MomLife
Carson Mini Saddle Bag
So a tote is great during travel, but once you arrive to your destination you might want to switch to something lighter.  Especially if you are going to be doing a lot of walking (READ: Shopping) or sightseeing.  The Carson Mini Saddle Bag in black is ideal because it is so versatile.  It can be used casually, or it can also easily be used for dressier occasions.
Medium Zip Cosmetic Case
Every girl needs a cosmetic case.  Even if you are not that into make-up this case can be utilized to organize items in your handbag.  And this Vera Bradley Medium Zip Cosmetic Case is adorned with the lovely Banana Leaves print.
Large Expandable Packing Cubes
If you take away one thing from this post, it should be that PACKING CUBES ARE LIFE CHANGING.  I’m serious, I will never pack without them again.  I received a few this past Christmas from my sisters, because they know I am all about that organized life. The cubes ARE great organizational items, but they also maximize space in your luggage.  In fact, here is a tip – roll your clothing rather than fold – and you will be able to fit even more in these expandable cubes!  The Vera Bradley Packing Cubes come in three different sizes; Large, Medium, and Small.  Bonus: The print pictured above (Kiev Paisley) is a sale pattern.

I had a lot of fun putting this post together, and I can’t thank my friends from the MOG Vera Bradley enough for inviting me to host such a fun party.  In fact, keep your eyes peeled next month.  Yours truly will be hosting an even more exciting launch party, featuring the new Fall 2018 Vera Bradley Leather collections!





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