Summer Handbag Refresh

Not all of us are successful fashion bloggers that get sent adorable handbags on a regular basis (no shade).  Some of us humans have to save up for that special handbag we have been eyeing, and some of us even have strict budgets that don’t allow us the luxury of purchasing a new handbag on a whim.  I get it, I really do.  Some of us are just content with what we have.  Not going to lie, I NEVER fall into the latter category.  Whatevs, I am who I am.

So when I came across this adorable pom-pom handbag accessory from Madewell, I knew my Vera Bradley Sagebrush Satchel would be the perfect bag to refresh for the summer using this accessory.  Read my review of the bag here.  That also got me thinking, maybe this inexpensive alternative will satisfy my handbag “craving?”  You guys, it really did.  So if you are on a handbag diet at the moment, maybe choose a new seasonal accessory to refresh a handbag that you already own and love.  Amp it up a bit with a summer accessory like my Madewell find.  To help you all get started I found some really cute handbag accessories that might be just the update you need for the upcoming summer months.  But first, lets all admire the Madewell Pom-Pom bag “add-on.”  And lets not forget the little gold Cactus Bag Charm too.


Ok, get ready, because you are about to make some online purchases.  No worries though, none of these will break the bank.


I love this combination of shades and eye bag charm.  They don’t have to be used together, but I think they compliment one another well.  Both are from Madewell again.  And for scale, the eye bag charm is about the size of the gold cactus shown on my bag pictured above.



Torry Burch Luke the Lobster

This Tory Burch Larry Lobster Bag Charm is about as adorable as it gets.  And depending on the color of your bag, this little guy could be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Kate Spade Pinata

Can we all just take a moment for Penny the Piñata?  Of course a bag charm/key chain with as much detail as this, would have to be a Kate Spade design.  As usual, they do not disappoint.

Very Bradley Lemon

And lastly, I have to include a citrus favorite.  This Citrus Slice Bag Charm is from Vera Bradley.


P.S.  Shout out to my lovely sister for being my handbag model once more!


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