Dior Lacquer Stick


No, this isn’t some weird attempt to trigger a Déjà vu experience.  And you didn’t click on the wrong link, or DID you?  Yes, I am totally going to be that “basic” (ew that word) BISH this week and update you on a lipstick situation. THRILLING…….Look, here is the deal.  This is the first full week of summer here in the metro Atlanta area, and I have both kiddos home with me.  Things are a bit crazy when my two are together.   I love it, really, but that also means I have less MateREAL girl time at the moment.  So my lack of creativity this week, is what it is.  Once we get ourselves acclimated to our new schedule, maybe my posts will be a little less boring?  Who am I kidding?  I am a DULL Darcey or……. Timera.  But, lets be honest, the name Darcey, sounds much duller than Timera.  Sorry, Darcey.

Now that I have you on the edge of your seat, I just know you all have been wondering what decision I made in regard to the Dior Lip Tattoo from my previous post. Well, I returned the Dior Lip Tattoo because I couldn’t justify keeping a $30 lip product that I had issues with.  Thankfully, Sephora is extremely accommodating for PITA’s like myself.  The only logical thing to do was purchase a $35 lip product to replace its predecessor.  I was really in love with the natural cherry color, so I tried to find something as close to that shade as possible. It was purely happenstance that Dior also recently released their Lacquer Sticks, and the color 877 “Turn me Dior” really stood out to me.  It is pretty close to the 761 “Natural Cherry” Lip Tattoo color, but much more pigmented and saturated.

The Dior Lacquer Stick is also extremely creamy, almost like a lipstick that you let sit in your pocket a little too long on a hot summer day, minus the melted mess.  The finish is pure shine. However, I find the shine wears off with time.  But I totally don’t mind at all.  The longevity of this formula was quite surprising.  I had no expectations for a long wear when I purchased this lipstick.  However, it lasted a good six hours for me, and that’s even after eating.  The color fades yes, but you are left with a beautiful raspberry red/pink stain.

I also find the Lacquer Stick to be so pigmented that I can just blot the product onto my lips for a natural flush.  Otherwise, “Turn Me Dior” is beautiful and bold, and I LOVE it.  So the moral of this nonsensical post is, never settle for anything less than stellar.  Obviously, sometimes I settle for mediocrity = this post.  Let that be a lesson to you all.



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