Dior Lip Tattoo


Sephora.  The place where you don’t really NEED anything, but you also NEED everything.  When you are a makeup junkie, you sometimes wander around Sephora (your favorite store) for an hour or so.  Aimlessly.  The sales personel starts to ask you if you “need any help?” because they are concerned for your well being.  After about the fifth time you have circled the store like a distressed dog, they start getting nervous.  You wonder to yourself, are they talking about me on their headpieces because I have been here so long and still look just as confused as I did when I walked into the store?

That was definitely me this past weekend.   That isn’t always the case, most times I go in with a very specific list of things I need to pick up or replenish.  Other times I am just going in to see what is “new” or what I may have missed on social media releases.  Anyway, towards the end of my trip I spotted a new lip product from Dior.- the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo.  The name and the description of this product intrigued me.  And then I saw this color, THIS GORGEOUS COLOR.  761 Natural Cherry.  I, of course, swatched it on my hand and knew it had to be mine.  I have nothing like it in my collection.  I finally walked up to the register with purpose.

Apparently, Dior just released the Lip Tattoo earlier this month.  And, according to Refinery29, Sephora has been sold out of three of the four shades released for a few weeks now.  So I lucked out, or so I thought.  On this product claims the following; “A no-transfer lip tint that stains lips with 10-hour, natural-looking color and a weightless, bare-lip sensation.”  Whoa, right?!?   In addition to a magical sounding lip product, it also had really good reviews from users corroborating just that. 💋

I wish that was what I experienced.  When I first applied the lippie, it was beautiful.  The color was everything I ever wanted, and the formula was extremely comfortable, like it claimed.  It kind of has a cooling sensation when applied, and the taste and flavor are pleasant.  The color, Natural Cherry is vibrant, but not garish.  I was in love.  But then after about an hour of wear, it began to look a little goofy on my lips.  My bottom lip was more saturated in color, and my top lip was sheer.  The inside of my lips had a lot of product too, so it wound up looking very uneven.  Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with lip stains, and I know popsicle lips are trendy at the moment.  However, are they supposed to be this uneven?  I thought it had to just be me.  I thought maybe my lips were just so dehydrated – and since this is water based  – they were just soaking up all of the product.  But why not evenly?

This product also only lasted about an hour or two, and was nowhere near long wearing on me (without eating).  It also transferred.  So, I tried an experiment and applied an emollient, such as chapstick, over the Lip Tattoo.  This did give me longer wear, not 10 hours, but it seemed to lock the color in better.  I still was having the problem with the unevenness though.  I also tried applying the Lip Tattoo with my finger rather than the applicator.  Still the same results.  So, for $30, I just don’t know that I am all that convinced that I should keep this product.  I really want to love it, but it is too high maintenance.

Please let me know if you have tried the Dior Lip Tattoo and what your experience has been.  Is it just the color I chose?  I am curious to hear your feedback!



Dior Lip Tattoo in Natural Cherry (761).  You can really see the inconsistency in application I experienced in this photo.  

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