Biossance – Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil


GAME CHANGER ALERT.  I’m not exaggerating or being a sensationalist when I say this product has changed my life.  At least in terms of my skin and the way I look at skincare. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I suffer from persnickety, sensitive skin that can be acne prone at times and for the most part is combination dry/oily.  Although, I have been dealing with a dry, flaky, and dehydrated face for MONTHS now.  Too long.  It’s uncomfortable and it is just gross.  And I knew I needed to do something about it.  I just was at a loss, because like my persnickety skin, I am EXTREMELY picky about what I put on it (understatement).  I just don’t have the patience to play the “try and see” how my skin reacts to such and such product game.  NO, it’s just not going to happen.  I am entirely too vain to walk around with a rash or blotches all over myself for days on end.

I wasn’t just going to sit around and look like a dinosaur either.  The dry skin is prematurely aging me, and at the same time I AM AGING.  The horror.  So I have been researching, and researching, and researching, for the perfect solution to my skin woes – without spending hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist.  As I have mentioned before, one of my favorite places to conduct such research is  (NOT SPONSORED, BUT GOOD GRIEF I SHOULD BE!) Anyway I knew I wanted to try out a facial oil – I had narrowed it down to a select few – and none of my initial selections included the Biossance products.  I just couldn’t commit, because as usual there were mixed reviews.  But one night (a little over a month ago) I was perusing the Sephora site once more wishing that a new miracle product would magically return in my search results.  I kid you not, what happened next is the definition of kismet.  All of the sudden, Biossance pops up on my screen -because as fate would have it – Sephora just started carrying this amazing brand on their site.  Everything about their oils sounded just like what my skin needed.  I continued my research on and found out that they offered generously sized samples of their 100% Squalane Oil and their Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil.  All I had to do was pay the $4 shipping cost.  Duh, it was a no brainer and I ordered that ish.

DSC03493Let’s get to it shall we?  WHY am I featuring Biossance and the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil on my blog?  No, it’s not because they offer free, generously sized samples.  Although that is pretty awesome, and says a lot about the company’s confidence in their products.   The actual reason is that basically if I didn’t share this product with you, I would be doing you all a disservice.  I honestly believe that because if this facial oil works for me of all people, it will work for ANYONE.  Not only did I not have any weird or adverse reactions to the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil, it actually worked and did what it claims.  Claims: Moisturizing ✔️, Brightening ✔️, Firms and Evens Skin Tone and Texture ✔️.  Best of all, the main ingredient is an all natural product sourced from plant based sugarcane.  Are you familiar with and their skin deep database?  If not, you need to be.   I have been using this database for about 7 years now and it is a great resource if you are concerned with toxins in your skincare.  If you are curious all of the Biossance products score between a 1 and a 2 (the lowest health concerns) in addition to being verified.  Meaning only the best of the best of ingredients are used in their products.

I was still skeptical, as usual,  however I quickly became impressed after the first application and ZERO reactions.  But then when I actually started seeing and feeling results in as little as a week…. I knew this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  I have become ONE with the oil.  I am the oil, and the oil is me.  Quite literally actually, because apparently our bodies naturally produce a version of squalane.  Unfortunately, the amount we make and retain plummets as we age, “Reaching peak levels in your teens and starting to decline in your 20’s.”  For me this makes this particular facial oil an all-in-one product. Because up until this point,  I have not used any products marketed for maturing/aging skin.  I totally should have, but again, I am picky and I think most things marketed as such are gimmicky.  Not this stuff.  With use, my skin has become more supple and plump. Two things that have for sure diminished with age.  My skin is finally feeling moisturized, and not in the least oily.  And maybe it is just me being optimistic, but I seriously think some of my fine lines have become less visible.

How do I use this oil?  I apply just a couple of drops both morning and night, all over my face, and right up under my eyes (it has brightened that problem area).  After I have cleansed and toned my skin, but before I apply my moisturizer.  And yes, I still apply a moisturizer.  I am not ready to forgo my daily moisturizer just yet.  The combination is just working really well for me at the moment. When I do apply makeup to my skin, it makes things apply smoothly and evenly.  After a months time I sadly ran out of my beloved sample, but have since replaced it with the full sized version.  And some may say it’s expensive, but THIS is all you really need.  You don’t need five other products to achieve similar results.  YOU NEED THIS FACIAL OIL IN YOUR LIFE.



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