Tarte Magic Wands


I know, I know, unicorns are super trendy at the moment.  Barf.  You see I have a thing for ethereal beauty, and trendy or not, these Tarte Limited Edition Magic Wands satisfy my otherworldly predilections.  COME ON, look at these brushes and tell me they don’t stir something up within?!?  Like if I imagine Galadriel (LOTR) doing her makeup on the daily, these would be the ONLY brushes she would use on her royal elven skin.  Of course I needed them in my arsenal so I too could use unicorn fluff on my face.  ERR DAY.

When I saw this PopSugar post announcing Tarte’s Magic Wand impending arrival,  I knew I was in trouble.  And then when Tarte so kindly reminded me via email that the magic wands had indeed hit their site, I ran (I never run) to the computer to order these beauties the first day they were released.  And, honestly, I thought the collection was a good deal, because for $39 you get five brushes.  On the other hand,  I kept my expectations pretty low because $39 for five brushes could almost be too good of a deal when it comes to quality.  They took a little while to get to me, but they turned out to be worth the wait.  Upon their arrival, I ripped into the package only to find a beautiful box within (see below).  And, Tarte is on point with the details, because the brushes were wrapped in colorful unicorn tissue paper.

In the collection, a powder (pink), contour (magenta), liquid foundation (purple), shading (blue), and blending (green) brush are included in the set.  They have the softest synthetic hair I have ever felt and they are a good length.  The wands themselves seem to be plastic with metal at the top where the hair is held.  The facial brushes have a good weight to them, while the two eye brushes are a little delicate (flimsy).  I cannot really comment on wear as far as the colors of the brushes fading or the gold of the wands flaking.  I will have to report back after I have used them for a while.  Otherwise, at this moment I am impressed.  More importantly – in the morning when I am transforming myself from Orc to Elf – maybe just maybe my experience will be transcendent.

P.S. These limited edition brushes are now available on




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