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This week I thought I would switch things up a bit.  I think my Holiday Gift Guide 2016 was well received, and I really enjoyed creating that post.  So while this is a similar style, the subject is strictly home decor this time.  Indeed one of my favorite subjects, and something I really enjoy in my personal life.  I’m not a professional by any means, but I do think I have superb taste, if I do say so myself.  TOOT, TOOT, that’s the sound of me tooting my proverbial horn.  It happens from time to time.

So there are certain areas of the home where I would like to improve the home decor situation.  Mainly the kitchen/living area, because it is where we spend the most of our time.  I’m not looking to do anything crazy, we already have a really good foundation of quality furniture pieces.  I’m thinking more along the lines of textiles, art, and accessories.  None of this is happening right now.  And I think that is a good thing to do regardless of your budget – take it slow.  Really think about the things you are bringing into your home.  Make sure they are quality items that will withstand the test of time.  Also be mindful of the items you choose, making sure they are things you won’t tire of in a years time.  It’s easy to get caught up in trends, and what is popular.  I am guilty of this for sure, but on a much smaller scale. That way when I do want to change things up, it’s not a huge investment. It’s completely normal to want to change your color scheme, or even accessories, to freshen up a space.  And when you have the right neutral foundation to do so, it just makes things that much easier.

On to the goods…..


So one of the bigger items I would like to update, in time, is our area rug.  We bought a wool rug from Crate & Barrel several years ago.  It has held up extremely well considering what it has endured (children, animals, messy adults).  That being said, I wouldn’t hesitate to get another rug from them again.  These two rugs are really speaking to me, and I think would go well with our existing furniture.

This is the Crate & Barrel Alvarez Natural Wool Blend area rug.  It is neutral and my couch is a similar color to the one pictured above.

And this is the Crate & Barrel Orissa Neutral Wool area rug.  As you can see the colors are very similar in both rugs, yet the design is different.


A simple way to update any space is with new pillows and throws.  Here are a few that I have been eying.  I am all about the texture.

West Elm Cozy Boucle Pillow Cover in Carmel

West Elm Embroidered Tapestry Pillow

Crate & Barrel Linden Natural 18’’ Pillow

Anthropologie Animalia Faux-Fur Throw


The next few things I consider decor accessories, this is where I really need to restrain myself.   There are just so many pretty things.  And despite my lack of a green thumb, I want to incorporate more plants into our home .  I am really loving this West Elm Turtle Planter for obvious reasons, and this Nate Berkus Basket that isn’t really for plants.  However, I think it would look fantastic with a fiddle fig leaf tree in it.

CB2 Cactus Vase

West Elm Retro Marble Objects

West Elm Turtle Planter

Nate Berkus Basket


Wall Art.  This is where I fail in the home decor department.  We have some really nice art prints, and where are they?  Not on my walls where one would expect to see them.  No, they are in a closet.  So in addition to my own stash, here are some of the art decor items I admire.

Crate and Barrel Clarendon Large Round Wall Miror

CB2 Woven Wall Decor

Urban Outfitters Fleuriosity Flourishing Lungs Art Print


Lastly, we have some items I would LOVE to add to my kitchen.  While some of you may be thinking, “How is a toaster considered decor?”  The toaster you are about to see is a work of art.

Smeg Cream 2-slice Retro Toaster

This plate is obviously necessary, especially since I will be making copious amounts of toast with the above toaster. 

3- Piece Capsule Canister Set

Roar + Rabbit Foil Printed Tea Towels

What items have you been deliberating?  Or have you recently updated your own space?  If so please share!


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