Pixi + Asypn Ovard Highlighter


To be honest, I didn’t know about this PIXI collaboration until I was strolling the cosmetic isles of my local Target.  I was going to pick up my favorite toner, the Pixi Glow Tonic, and spotted an appealing highlighter.  To my surprise and delight, blogger Aspen Ovard’s name was all over the packaging (you go gurl!)  It looked like there were a few other products included in this collection, such as an Eye Accents Kit, and two other Glow-y Powders.  Unfortunately, my Target only had one of each of the highlight shades, London Lustre and Santorini Sunset.  I picked up the latter.

The Pixi Santorini Sunset Glow-y Powder is a golden shade that I am sure is flattering for all skin tones.  Just as the name suggests, this powder casts a beautiful golden glow and a lit-from-within highlight.  It isn’t powder-y, and it is actually quite creamy and extremely blend-able.  There are not any huge chunks of glitter either, so you can rest assured your highlight will look natural.  And the best part is the price – for $16 you get a ton of product!  10.21 g/0.36 oz, to be exact.  So the next time you are strolling through your local Target, or doing some online shopping, do yourself a favor and pick up this glowing goddess powder.


You know I am all about embarrassing myself, so enjoy my ridiculous car selfie.  I wanted to show the highlighter in natural lighting and I just happened to be in the car as the sun was setting.  Fitting.


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