Warby Parker Spring 2017 Collection

Once you have a pair of Warby Parker’s, you pretty much become infatuated with obtaining your next pair.  No, just me? 🤓 Well lucky for you, because me being the neurotic person that I am means that this post now exists.   When I got the email from WP that their new Spring 2017 Collection had launched, I jumped onto my Warby Parker app.   I quickly ordered a home try on box (free) with some of the new frames! Five to be exact. 😬 I don’t think I’ve ever done anything in my life that fast.  Usually, there is much deliberation, overthinking, and way too much analyzing (the funny thing about the word ANALyze…) involved in my decisions.  However, when I saw the new collection,  I immediately fell in love with one of the new colors (espresso tortoise).  And here we are.

For the Spring 2017 collection, in addition to new colors, a few new frames were also introduced.  And at first sight the new Laurel 17 frame was the one I fell for 😍.  I liked the original Laurel, and knew they fit me pretty well.  So, I was intrigued and added two color variations to my cart.  Then I went for the thicker rimmed Roland’s in my new favorite color Espresso Tortoise, and the other in an existing color, Marzipan Tortoise.  And lastly, the Caspar’s in the lovely new shade of Rose Water.

The Caspar’s, first of all, have an awesome name 👻.  Secondly, they are very comfortable.  That says a lot coming from me,  the Goldilocks of Warby Parker glasses.   Seeing as I went through the ordering of four different frames, four different times, just to find a pair that fit “just right.” The color Rose Water is BEAUTIFUL, just not on me.  Every time I tried these glasses on I thought they would be PERFECT for my sister, Gabby.  She loves pink, she lives for pink.  In fact, since I am comparing myself to a fictional character, Gabrielle is most like Pinkalicious.  So if you are also a Pinkalicious, the Caspar’s in Rose Water are also perfect for you.

The Roland’s quickly became my favorite after I tried them on.  I look completely ridiculous in them.  Odd even, but I like odd. The Marzipan Tortoise on me is absolute crazy town.  So this color is out.

The Roland’s in the new Espresso Tortoise color however……YASSSSS.🙌🏻  My eyebrows kind of become one with the top of the frames.  So there is that.  I honestly don’t care, I totally want to look like Woody Allen (#owningit).  These glasses are absolutely my aesthetic.

Finally, we have the lovely Laurel 17’s.  I ordered these frames in both available color options, Espresso Tortoise and Rose Quartz.  I loved the way these looked on, the shape is very flattering.  The color Rose Quartz, unfortunatley just doesn’t look nice on my fair complexion.  Rose Quartz makes me look unwell.  Also, these frames didn’t really fit my very large head.  They were a bit too snug for my liking.  If they fit properly, I would totally order a pair in a heartbeat!

And what would this post be without some awkward selfies of me wearing the aforementioned spectacles?

  1. Caspar in Rose Water
  2. Roland in Espresso Tortoise
  3. Roland in Marzipan Tortoise
  4. Laurel 17 in Rose Quartz
  5. Laurel 17 in Espresso Tortoise

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