Home Decor

Anthropologie Home Decor Haul


My MIL so kindly gave me an Anthropologie gift card for Christmas.  And this is what happened.


The first thing I picked up, I’ve wanted since the day I found out about their existence.  A Rifle Paper Co. candle.  YES I just said – Rifle Paper Co. CANDLES.  Let me just repeat myself, because this is just too good to be true and I understand if you are in disbelief. I was too, but it’s true THERE ARE NOW RIFLE PAPER CO. CANDLES! And they are only available at Anthropologie.  There are four different scents and designs but the one I chose is called Adirondack Forrest.  Honestly, I picked this one because of the colors.  The print matched my decor the best, and I do typically enjoy pine/woodsy scents.  I have yet to burn this candle, and I’m not certain that I actually ever will.  Yup, I am a candle hoarder.  So you see,  I cannot comment on the intended purpose.  But would you just look at it?


The next beautiful item I got was this small ribbed mercury glass vase in the color rose.  It’s not an in-your-face pink, but rather very subtle and elegant.  I photographed it by another Anthro mercury glass vase that I own in silver, so you can see the color difference.   dsc02767

Then I happened upon a book.  And I will admit, however shallow this may be, I was initially drawn to the color and cover.  I thought hmmmm, how lovely would this look next to the rose colored vase on my shelves at home?  Of course it looks perfect.  But when I flipped through the pages in the store, I quickly realized that I was interested in the subject matter.  Seriously though, I look forward to reading Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe.  A brief synopsis; what you eat has a direct impact on every part of your body and more specifically your skin. Wendy Rowe talks about the benefits of certain foods, and gives tips on what to avoid and how to resolve specific skin/body issues.  There are tons of natural recipes and the photography is stunning.


I saved the best purchase for last. The  Plum Crest Dessert Plate in the swan water-colored print created by artist Betty Hatchett.  I wanted to change up my current display featuring the West Elm Dapper Doe.  I love her but I needed something fresh.  And this plate is just what my little nook needed.  dsc02775dsc02778dsc02782



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