Kate Spade’s Make Magic Rabbit Accessories



I should preface this post with an admission.  This post was created for selfish reasons, and purely for my own enjoyment.  I am very fond of novelty Kate Spade accessories, more than I should be.  So when I had (READ: made) an opportunity to take pictures of these inanimate, yet beautiful creatures……I did what any blogger would do.  I took hundreds of pictures.  And I enjoyed every moment of it.  Ahhh yes, I am strange.  And it feels soooo good to be the strangest me I can be.

Now that my nonsense is out of the way, lets get on with whatever it is I am trying articulate.  Wait, I should tell you first, there really isn’t any purpose to this post.  Other then to share some beauty with those of you that relish in the details. The particulars that are unnoticed by some, yet are the essence of your existence.  The specifics that you LIVE for.  The intricacies.  And yes, that includes the Kate Spade Make Magic Rabbit in a Hat Card Case, and the Bunny Pouf Keychain.


This pouf is no ordinary fluffy pouf.  This Kate Spade Bunny Pouf keychain is a fancy magician, that can transform any handbag from dull to magnificent.  Dramatic much?  Yes, but I only state the truth.  He does require delicate care as he is white and fluffy. His leather and suede ears, are perky and perfect, and I will obsess over keeping them as such.  He could be fluffier, but his fur is synthetic.  His little pink gem bunny nose, and rose gold whiskers.  Oh my goodness I can’t contain myself.  And the bow tie, the sparkly black bowtie.


Here he is on three different color backgrounds.  So you can see just how versatile and magical he truly is.


Abracadabra! This Kate Spade Make Magic Rabbit in a Hat Card Case is full of enchanting details too.   From the classic gray pebbled leather, to the black sparkly top hat and adorable rabbit ears.  This card case even includes it’s very own miniature wand.  There are four card slots in total, three on the back and one on the front under the ears.  This card case is so beautiful, and I am so afraid that I am going to ruin it.  But that won’t stop me from enjoying this piece.  I just don’t throw it into the black hole that I call my purse.   Rather I secure it within an inside zipper pocket.  Otherwise the ears would easily become misshapen and discolored I am sure.  I have noticed a few rogue black sparkles, but nothing crazy.  This is one of my favorite items in my bag, and I get excited to use it whenever I need a particular card.




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