Vera Bradley, Quilted Marlo Satchel Review

Santa (a.k.a my parents/family) was really good to me this year.  My parents are always generous, so that’s not to say that any other Christmas I haven’t been treated well.  However, (and I think my sisters will agree) this Christmas they were so on point with all of our gifts.  My mom in particular, listened to every little thing I mentioned in passing within the last six months.  Down to a particular nail polish color.  Anyway, it’s not necessarily about the material things I received from them, but the feeling of love you receive in knowing someone cared enough to get every detail right.  That feeling you get when you are gifted an item from someone special, just because they knew it would make you happy.  Who knows, maybe as I get older I am more appreciative of these gestures. Whatever the case may be, I had a very blessed Christmas with my family.  That’s all I could ever ask for. I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas as well.

So as I mentioned, my mom was really in tune with my running wish list items. One of the items just happened to be the Vera Bradley Quilted Marlo Satchel in Claret.  You may have seen this bag in my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – For Her blog post.  I think you can see where I am going with this….That being said, I wanted to post a quick review of this lovely bag while the color Claret is still on sale (50% off)!  Onto the review…


I have always like the silhouette of the Marlo Satchel, probably because it is very similar to the LV Speedy.  I just like a bowling style bag.  And when Vera came out with the color Claret this fall, I fell in love. If you are familiar with Vera Bradley’s Sycamore leather, then you will know it is incredibly soft.  The stitching detail of the quilted leather is superb, and the bag itself is crafted really well for its price point.  As far as the details ,there is a zip pocket on the front of the bag, which is awesome for your phone or anything you need easy access to.  And inside of the Marlo there are two slip pockets, which I should mention fit the iPhone “Plus Sized” phones😉❤️.  Opposite of the slip pockets there is a standard zipper pocket.

The inside is lined with the floral print , and the interior is pretty roomy.  I don’t tend to carry a lot in my bags, simply because I don’t want the burden of a heavy bag.   But, the Marlo can definitely be stuffed if you are an over packer.  A few other details worth mentioning: metal feet to keep your bag clean when surfaces are not, and an adjustable/removable strap is included as well.  If none of these things are peaking your interest, just take a look at the color once more.  It is a beautiful red wine, Bordeaux color. Hence the French name Claret, and PERFECT for fall and winter wardrobes.  I have only had it for about a week now, but have already received so many compliments.  So hurry up and grab this bag before it’s gone for the season, and at a steal for $129!

Also, be sure to let me know if you would like a review of some of the Kate Spade goodies I received for Christmas as well (pictured below).  I would be more than happy to feature my rabbit friends on the blog.🐇🐰

Side View of the Vera Bradley Quilted Marlo Satchel in Claret.
The Vera Bradley Quilted Marlo Satchel in Claret, with flash.


The inside of the Marlo filled with my personal items.
“What’s in my bag.” Vera Bradley Quilted Marlo Satchel in Claret.  



One thought on “Vera Bradley, Quilted Marlo Satchel Review

  1. omg love the bag!
    i nominated you for the mystery blogger award! check out my latest post for the rules n things :3

    -hollife x


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