ColourPOP Peachy Collection

If you saw my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide – For Her, then it will be no surprise to you that I was interested in the ColourPop Peachy collections.  At the time that I wrote that post, these babies were already on their way to my home.  And like many of you, I also am in LOVE with the peach trend in all things beauty.  In fact, for the past few years I found myself already naturally gravitating towards orange and peach toned cosmetics (i.e. eyeshadow, blush, lip products).  So when the peach trend finally made it’s way to the rest of the beauty world, it opened up a lot of different options and brands for me to try.  Then Too Faced released their Sweet Peach palette, and it rocked my world.  It is my most worn eyeshadow palette to date, I wear it EVERYDAY.

That being said, I had thought to myself when I saw the ColourPOP Peachy Keen eyeshadow quad, that it would be nice to have an inexpensive peachy alternative.  That way I won’t run out of my beloved Too Faced Sweet Peach favorites so quickly, because that would be DEVASTATING.  Especially with how quickly they sold out with the original release.  As for the ColourPOP Just Peachy lip trio, I pretty much knew that they would be a hit.  As I already own and love some of ColourPOP’s Ultra Matte Lip and Ultra Satin Lip products.  Or at least I had hoped that would be the case……CLIFF HANGER.


Lets start off with the Peachy Keen Super Shock Shadow Collection, shall we?  At first sight  these colors seemed like a peach dream.   The ColourPOP Super Shock shadows are a crème/powder formula, and they have a bouncy texture.  They are truly fascinating. Anyhow, I have never tried any of their matte colors so this was the perfect opportunity.  I was most excited for the seemingly true peach toned shadow named Kennedy. When I swatched them on my arm they were fantastic and pretty much true to the color in the pot. Then I actually applied the shadows to my eyelids….and that had a very different outcome.  The colors were pulling very yellow on me, and not in a pretty, gold flattering way.  More so in a sickly yellow jaundice or I have liver disease way.  Now, I am fully aware that this has more to do with me than with ColourPOP’s formulation, but it was disappointing nonetheless.

Pictured above is Crimper, the only metallic shade in the Peachy Keen collection.  This is a gold shade with flecks of glitter.  There isn’t a ton of glitter, and this makes a nice highlighting shade or a pop of brightness on the center of the lid.

Out of all of the colors I disliked Kennedy the most.  Ironically, considering I thought it would be my favorite of the quad.    Not only was the color unflattering on me,  it also applied funky (I know – very technical).  It almost looked chalky and textured.

Cornelius is described as a “mid toned warm caramel” and I would have to agree.  It is very warm and would make a good tradition shade.  It blends well with a fluffy brush, but like most of the ColorPop Super Shock shadows, you get more color payoff when using your fingers for application.  I tried both ways, yet this shadow didn’t really show up on me.  And I am extremely fair, like ghostly pale.

Bandit, described as a “warm rusty brown” is probably my favorite.  It blends well, and the color payoff is pretty good too.

Out of curiosity I checked my Sweet Peach palette to see if there were any dupes, and there really weren’t any that fit the true meaning of a beauty dupe.  Two of the four shades however, were slightly similar.  ColourPop’s Crimper and Bandit look kind of similar (in my opinion) to the Too Faced’s Nectar and Summer Yum shades.  I’ve provided pictures above for comparisons sake.

As for the Just Peachy lip trio I really am enjoying these, as I predicted I would.  The only color that I’m unsure of at the moment is Instigator.  Instigator (Matte) is a true peach and on the brighter side.  I’m just not sure I can pull it off and it might serve better as a Spring and/or Summer shade.  Screenshot is a Satin Lip formula which I enjoy because it isn’t as drying, and this comes off as a brownish-nude on me.  Perfect for when I am going heavier on the eye makeup.  And I saved my favorite for last, Speed Dial, which is in the Matte Lip formula as well.  Speed Dial is more of a reddish brick toned peach, and it is very flattering.

Overall, if you are going to get something from the peach collection, I would definitely go with the ColourPOP Just Peachy lip trio.



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