Bite Beauty – Gold Crème Lip Gloss & Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo


 This past weekend, my mother and I braved Sephora.  You see, we had no idea the VIB Rouge Sale was taking place.  Surprisingly, neither of us have Rouge status, so unfortunately we didn’t get the memo.  The Sephora in Buckhead-ATL was swarming with Rouge members, and the friends and family they were allowed to extend their discount to.  Needless to say, this visit to our favorite store was a little more than hectic.   Anyhow, I have been bombarding my mother and sisters with Instagram pictures and videos of the Bite Beauty Gold Crème Lip Gloss.  IT IS MESMERIZING, and it has also been sold out pretty much since it was released.  Well, it happened to be our lucky day, because our Sephora had just restocked the exquisite, gold and glistening gloss.

In addition to the Limited Edition, Gold Crème Lip Gloss, Bite has also released some of their 2016 Holiday items.  The one in which I was most interested was the Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo.  My mother picked up the Fig and Rose Gold duo, and she treated me to the Pepper and Bronze duo.  Okay confession, she offered to get me the Gold Crème Lip Gloss for Christmas too…..but I couldn’t wait.  So she gave it to me now to review for all of you!  Yes, I am a grown adult, and my parents still spoil me.  Moving on.


First up is the Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo in Pepper and Bronze.  Pepper is an existing Bite Beauty shade, and the Bronze is meant to be a pretty foiled top coat.  Bite has released duos in the past, and if you are familiar, you will know that they are deluxe sample sized lipsticks on each end.  They would make perfect stocking stuffers IMO.  Personally, I really like the Amuse Bouche formula, and the pepper color is gorgeous on its own. When paired with the Bronze it creates a beautiful and subtle metallic finish.






Pictured above: The left application is just Pepper, and the application on the right includes the Bronze overlay.

And then we have the pièce de résistance – the Bite Beauty Gold Crème Lip Gloss.  This lip gloss is legitimately a work of art, and I cannot even begin to capture its beauty with photographs.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor, and check out Bite Beauty on Instagram to see some of their videos featuring this gem.  I also posted some videos to my Facebook Page, so be sure to follow me there to catch a glimpse.

So, if you are bold enough, you can totally wear this gloss on its own.  Its opacity is astounding.  It can also be sheered out and worn on top of your favorite lip colors.  I prefer the latter.  I have tried it on matte formulas, as well as cream and satin finishes.  At first, I thought I liked the gloss over matte lipsticks best.  However, with time I found that I actually liked the end result when wearing a cream formula such as the Amuse Bouche.  As it wears, the glossiness of the product dissipates, and it kind of melts with the lipstick you are wearing underneath.  Therefore you are left with the glitter and the color of whatever lipstick you are wearing peaking through. Also, I feel like a lip brush might be beneficial for all other applications, especially if you are not looking to transfer colors into the tube.

When I wear a matte lip color I prefer dabbing the gold crème gloss onto my lips using my fingers for a lighter glitter application.  It is truly a beautiful product.








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