Warby Parker Review – Hadley Frames

If you read my Warby Parker Home Try On post, you may be a tad confused.  As the glasses I am about to review were NOT included in either of the two boxes I ordered.  You see, I am a fickle pickle in combination with being incredibly indecisive.  So when my eye doctor recommended that I go to the Warby Parker store to be fitted for glasses, rather than ordering them online, this presented somewhat of a conundrum.  I was pretty set on the Kensett’s prior to walking through the brick and mortar Warby Parker doors.  Yet as soon as my feet passed the threshold, it was as if I had never heard of the Kensett’s.   From that point forward, I felt the need to try on every pair of spectacles available to me.  Well, not quite ALL, but a good amount.

It just so happened that Warby Parker had recently released their fall collection, and I was immediately drawn to the Hadley frames.  In fact, I tried them on first.  I showed my husband, and he wasn’t sold on the style.  I texted my mother and sister selfie pics, and they didn’t care for them either.  At that point, I already knew they were for me.  Because, I am what some people (my sister) call an “ask-hole.”  I will ask the opinion of others, and then proceed to choose/do opposite of whatever they suggest.  ALL OF THE TIME.  It’s almost as if I need confirmation that I am going against the norm.  And that’s not meant as an insult to the people I defer to for advice.   It’s just that I am aware I am a bit eccentric and so are my tastes.  So when someone else likes the same thing I do, it just feels wrong.  Is that weird? DUH.

Moving on.  My experience at the Warby Parker store in ATL-Buckhead was superb.  The girl that helped me was awesome.  She gave me her real opinion of what looked good, what didn’t, and why.  She wasn’t trying to “sell” me on any frames or up sell my lenses.  I already knew from my eye doctor that I would need the high index lenses for my astigmatism perscription.  So once I had given into my inward desires for the Hadley frames, everything was pretty straight forward.  An in-store optometrist came out and did a few measurements. He made sure the frames worked for my facial structure and pupillary distance.  Then I placed my order and was on my way.

***(WARNING: Skip ahead if you only want to read about the frames.)  The one snafu, and technically it really wasn’t, is the shipping.  I ordered my glasses on a Saturday (September 24).  I was told it would take 7-10 business days for me to receive them.  I got an email confirmation on September 27 stating that my order had been shipped,  which would have been incredible timing in my opinion.  I was tracking those MOFO’s like a tracker jacker from the Hunger Games.  So, as the days went by and the package still hadn’t been received by the NY USPS, I was concerned.  I called Warby Parker Customer Service, and I was assured that I would have the glasses within the 7-10 business day window.   A couple more days go by, and the package is still in the state of origin (NY).  So I called again, and received less then stellar customer service.  The girl kept repeating the 7-10 business day time frame, as if I didn’t understand what “business days” meant.  There is nothing more annoying then someone who cannot give you an actual answer.  Then they just keep repeating the same information over and over again in hopes that it will sound different the 5th time, and that somehow you will be satisfied with the original regurgitated information.  No.  Just no.  I got my glasses on the 10th day, and now this story just seems ridiculous.  I just wish they didn’t use snail mail, and that I knew of an option to prioritize my shipping.  This message in its entirety, serves as a warning for the impatient.  (THE END.)***

THE FRAMES.   The glasses themselves are fabulous, my lenses seem to be okay as well.  I did have to go back to the store for an adjustment, but that is to be expected with any eyeglass frames you purchase.  I may have to go back again, because I am a P-I-T-A and I want them to fit just right.  But, I just love the 24k gold plating as it gives the frames a touch of sophistication. The Hadley frames are extremely light weight, and the design is unique.  They come in Jet Black, in addition to Violet Magnolia.  When I went back for my fitting, I saw a lovely Warby Parker employee wearing the Hadley’s in Violet Magnolia, and they were stunning on her.  Black is my color of choice for everything though, so Jet Black it was for me.  The Jet Black acetate will show every smudge and surface scratch.  So, that is one thing to be aware of, as it may bother some.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Warby Parker to any of you.  They are a great company, their designs are fun and original, and the cost is more than agreeable.  They also have a 30 day no questions asked return/exchange policy.  Which for those of us “fickle pickles”  is a definite must!  So if you’re on the fence about trying them out, I say go for it!



3 thoughts on “Warby Parker Review – Hadley Frames

    1. Unfortunately I had to return these frames to WP, because I was so sensitive to the nose pads. Even after several adjustments. They were wonderful frames though, and I was sad to see them go.


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