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The NOT a Cake Stand, Cake Stand

I-I-I-I-I-I keep on hoping, we’ll eat cake by the ocean.  Or, at the very least, that one day I will learn how to finally bake an actually edible cake.  But until then……I will buy a cake stand that will absolutely not be used for CAKE.  Makes total sense.

So if you are anything like me, and have zero baking skills, then this is the cake stand for you.  If you also have a low key obsession for all things copper and marble, then this is DEFINITELY the cake stand for you.  And since cake will NOT be taking up residence on this stand, I came up will a few alternatives.  Kind of (read: EXACTLY), like my The NOT a Candy Jar, Candy Jar blog post.  What can I say, I’m just so clever (unoriginal).


The first option, and probably the one I will actually use, is displaying my flour and sugar canisters.  All of these items came from Target, including the cake stand.  Also, I tried to provide pictures in realistic settings.   However, florescent lighting ruins my life, and my pictures.  Hence, the redundent photos taken with natural lighting.



The second option is to use the stand for general and seasonal decor.  Pretty simple, and I displayed mine on our kitchen island.


The most obvious option is displaying fruit.  Sometimes, the most obvious option is the best option.  Besides cake, obviously.


The cake stand, also makes a great plant stand.



Now, I’ve seen cake stands on Instagram used for displaying mugs, so I figured I would include the idea.  It’s not for me personally, because I find it a bit too cluttered.  However provided the right mugs, or a larger cake stand, it would look much better.


And lastly, for those of us that like to keep toiletries out on the counter for convenience.  Why not display them on this pretty stand?  I will be honest, this is not something I would ever do.  I hate clutter, and in our house everything has a place, tucked away out of sight.  Yet, I could see this working well for others that don’t mind leaving products out.

Side note, this cake stand is pretty small IMO.  I first saw it on Target’s snap chat, and I nearly died.  So off I went to my local target to check it out, and it wasn’t on display.   I then asked a friendly staff member if they had it in stock, because their website showed they did.  Of course he comes back with this huge box, and starts unboxing the stand.  Well, when it was finally revealed (tons of packaging later),  it seemed tiny.  For my needs the size is just right, and it IS genuine marble, but I wanted to make you aware regardless.  Keeping it REAL.

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8 thoughts on “The NOT a Cake Stand, Cake Stand

  1. I just bought this cake stand the other day for display purposes too. I read your review after I bought it. Where did you get the glitter pumpkins that you displayed?

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  2. Bought this on clearance for $17.48 yesterday and I was debating whether to keep or return. I have so many other Target marble and copper accented pieces. I just had to have this one…it’s lovely! I saw your review on Target.com and your blog pics with the plants were just what I needed to put this pretty baby in the keep column. Thanks so much!

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