Vera Bradley, Gallatin Sagebrush Satchel Review

 IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? IS THIS JUST FANTASY? Let’s make this a thing, shall we?  I get songs stuck in your head, you sing them happily to yourself all day.  You thank me later for getting the song stuck in your head….  No?

This is very much the real life, and thankfully this time, not just fantasy.  I’m trying to contain myself.  I’m trying so very hard.  Ok. Ok. Ok.  Ready?  A few weeks ago….I WAS GIFTED A VERA BRADLEY GALLATIN SAGEBRUSH SATCHEL.  WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT?  I know, I know, I was just as flabbergasted as you are.  How generous, how kind, how amazing, how?  My friends, from the Mall of Georgia Vera Bradley, surprised me with the bag as a gift for collaborating with them.  Specifically for the 2016 Fall Fashion launch.  If you haven’t already, go check out my blog post here.  Featuring the new Vera Bradley, 2016 Fall items released on 07/28/2016!

So, this new member of my family, she goes by the name Sagebrush Satchel.  She is a lovely rich shade of brown leather, Mesa Brown to be exact.  She is stunning, and oh so soft.  She’s kind of environmentally friendly too, because she is vegetable tanned.  How thoughtful she can be.  Sage (we’re close like that), is so considerate, she even has two different ways for me to tote her around comfortably.  She has an adjustable drop strap for my shoulder, in addition to adjustable handles.  She isn’t flashy or gaudy, so it’s no surprise that she isn’t obnoxious with labels.  She’s simple, yet elegant. She’s sturdy, yet supple.  She never complains about carrying too much.  Sagebrush Satchel is pretty much perfect, and I love her.  Seriously though, this is a perfect bag for anyone.  It’s incredibly versatile and extremely comfortable to wear.  Typically, I’m not a fan of things that can be described as slouchy.   Yet, Sage is kind of slouchy, and I love that about her.

I have been eyeing a certain bag, made by a certain brand.  Some would go as far to say that the items from this brand are made well.  Just for you, I took Sage to Madewell with me, and compared her to a similar style bag.  Let’s just say, in my opinion, there is no comparison.  You get what you pay for (or in my case, are gifted).  The Sagebrush Satchel is much more refined and has less of a rustic/utilitarian feel.  I am all about the details too, and Vera Bradley did not disappoint.  The inside of the Sagebrush is lined with a pretty Aztec-type print.  The Vera Bradley logo is blind stamped on one of the handles, and is also on the brushed gold hardware. Needless to say, the bag speaks for itself, and you are not paying for a label.

The best part is, the more I use this bag, the better looking the leather will become. Vera Bradley designed the Gallatin leather collection to age beautifully.  I’m excited to have this purse in my collection for a long time to come. Thanks again MOG Vera Bradley!

Blind Imprinted Vera Bradley Label


The Sagebrush has a back zipper compartment, as well as two slip pockets.
Here is what I put in Sage at the moment.  You can fit MUCH more than this, but I don’t like to carry a heavy bag.
I am also loving the Vera Bradley Jen Zip ID Case, in Sycamore Black.
How cute is this little fox antibacterial pocketbac holder?  Thanks mom!
I’m still using the LeSportsac Rife Paper Co. cosmetic pouch.



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