Cat & Jack Back to School


This post hits me right in the feels.  My first born is off to Kindergarten this year.  It’s an exciting time for her – she is thrilled to take the next step in her life.  This momma, however, is struggling to let go.  Be that as it may, the time was coming, whether I was ready or not.  So instead of pretending my protests could change the inevitable, I came to grips with reality, and went back to school shopping.

To be honest, this year, most of our school shopping took place at our favorite store. Take a guess.  No really, guess where?  That’s right folks! TARGET.  Target is probably the only place that could get me excited to take the next step in sending my little girl into the big world.  This year Target came out with a new line for children called Cat & Jack and everything is absolutely adorable! More importantly, it is also affordable.  Even more importantly, the clothing is P-I-T-A (Pain In The @$$) approved.  I say that in the most loving way possible because, after all, she gets her eccentricities from me.  However, one of the things my odd little bird is particular about is fabric textures.  Things have to be “cozy” at all times, or I kid you not, the world will come to an end.  Okay, maybe not the world, but our little fragment of this sphere we inhabit.  So, if you have a child that is sensitive to clothing textures (i.e., too scratchy, too itchy, too tight, too I-am-just-in-a-mood-to-whine-about-everything), then Cat & Jack will fit the bill.

That being said, me and my girl were super excited about the things we picked up, so we figured we would share some of the outfits we put together.



First up is this adorable little owl print dress, complete with smocking detail at the top.  This fabric is light and comfortable, making it a perfect summer/fall transition piece.   We paired the dress with the multi-color glitter slip ons.
Cat & Jack Girls Louise Multi-Color Glitter Double Gore Sneakers  How cute are these shoes??  I wish they made them in my size!  As the name suggests, they have multi colored glitter bits, making them extremely versatile.  Now, typically I wouldn’t buy her shoes adorned with glitter, because the glitter tends to wear off easily.  However, these were only $22, and the glitter actually seemed quite secure.  We shall see, time will tell.


We call this outfit “the panda.”  Before we even purchased any clothing from the Target Cat & Jack collection, we checked out the pieces online.  They had this outfit featured, and my daughter went nuts over it (so did I).  So here we have the sage dress, white bear cross body, and panda print leggings.


As you can see, the girl loves dresses!  This polka dot A-line dress, has a pleated skirt, a contrasting zipper on the back, and is made of a cozy quilted material.


Cat & Jack Bettie Patent T-Strap Ballet Flats, Navy




Lastly, my favorite outfit, and what made me look into the Cat & Jack line to begin with.  It all started with this pom pom tutu.  We paired the tutu with this casual, yet friendly tee.

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