Vera Bradley 2016 Fall Fashion Event

Vera Bradley

Guess who’s back, back again?  And now, Slim Shady is stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.  I’m back with a new blog post, and to be honest, I couldn’t have been given a better subject.  I’m ready for fall, you with me?  Cue the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, pumpkin everything, autumnal memes. With fall, comes all of the wonderful things aforementioned.  The most exciting of all is Fall Fashion.  I was graciously invited to Vera Bradley’s 2016 Fall Fashion Event, at the Mall of Georgia.  And, I intend to show all of you the beauties that were released on July 28th.

I am kind of (absolutley) in love with Vera’s leather bags and accessories.  Check out my Vera Bradley Quilted Cara Convertible Bag in nude review!   I know Vera Bradley is mostly known for their colorful, quilted fabric patterns.  However, their hidden gem, so to speak, is their leather pieces.  I’m not exaggerating when I say Vera Bradley’s quality far surpasses some of the other popular high end brands.  The Sycamore leather is so soft, and supple.  The color ranges are amazing, and the leather accessories are fabulous.

Vera’s fall fashion launch consists of two ranges. One completely new range called the Gallatin, and new color-ways for the existing, luxurious Sycamore collection (featuring calf hair!!!)  The Gallatin bags are made of vegetable tanned leather, and are more casual in style.  They exude an understated elegance, with a vintage quality.  The leather is made to develop more character as it ages, and these pieces are made to last.  Vera’s Sycamore collection, as usual, is to die for!  The fall collection includes two new colors, called Uptown Stripes and Downtown Dots.  When I saw them in person, I think I may have hyperventilated a bit.  Embarrassing.  Especially, when I was shown the interior prints!  How is it possible, that both the outside print and inside print, are so incredibly perfect?

In addition to being surrounded by all of these wonderful leather goods, the company kept was just as lovely.  The Mall of Georgia Vera Bradley family is complete with some of the classiest ladies around. They were gracious hosts, provided tasty treats, and a great giveaway to celebrate the launch!  I tried to capture the event to the best of my ability, but the experience is one I will never forget!



How pretty is the MOG Vera store?  I especially loved the “selfie” station, where customers had an opportunity to win a Gallatin Sidesaddle Crossbody, in any color, or a Sycamore Mia Wristlet in Downtown Dots or Uptown Stripes!  In addition to Vera goodies, Fab’ rik included a $20 gift card with a private shopping party.  

Above are some of the items in the Gallatin Collection.  There is the Sidesaddle Crossbody, the Sagebrush Satchel, Canyon Tote, and the Big Sky Backpack.  All of the styles come in three color options. Black with Golden Tan accents, Messa Brown, and Maize (yellow) with Messa Brown accents.

Pictured above are a few items from the Sycamore collection.  The collection contains the Marlow Satchel (not pictured), the Mini Marlo Crossbody (not pictured), the Mia Wristlet, and the Leighton Backpack.  Both colors offered (Downtown Dots and Uptown Stripes), have calf hair accents on the front.


The Sycamore Leighton Backpack, shown in Uptown Stripes.

This Vera Bradley Sycamore Agenda though ❤

The Gallatin Sagebrush Satchel, in Mesa Brown 

The Gallatin Canyon Tote, shown in Mesa Brown.

*Stay tuned for my next blog post, to see the generous gift I received, from the MOG Vera Bradley team!  I’m thrilled, and I think you will love it, just as much as I do!


3 thoughts on “Vera Bradley 2016 Fall Fashion Event

  1. Looks like fun! Out of curiosity do you own any of the calf hair pieces? They look adorable especially the downtown dots but I’m curious to know how the hair holds up with use (shedding, fading, etc)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not own any of the calf hair pieces, unfortunately. However, my sister has a bag from last year with the Leopard print calf hair. It has held up well over a years time. Hope that helps!


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