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The NOT a Candy Jar, Candy Jar

The last thing I need is a freaking candy jar, filled with temptations, in my house.  So, I obviously bought a candy jar.  And, I obviously bought said candy jar from Target.  Awesome.

I saw this vessel weeks ago, when I was enjoying my weekly, magical stroll through Target.  It was labeled as a candy jar, and I don’t care much for labels.  That’s right, I’m a liberal!  Just kidding, let’s not get crazy here.  Anyway, I thought of all of the different ways I could utilize this glass cylinder with a lid.  Here is what I came up with.

K-cup storage

Decorative vase fillers, such as these gigantic artichokes (left), or some silk flowers (right).

Pen holder.

And finally, a cotton round canister for the bathroom.
Let me know if you can think of any other ways to use this jar!


8 thoughts on “The NOT a Candy Jar, Candy Jar

  1. You could use it for Q-tips too … Or if you use them put hair ties in it. Such a cute idea though! I personally love the cotton rounds idea. I may steal that one!!

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