My Planner Setup

As a SAHM, it’s easy to get off track and become distracted.   The goals you set forth for yourself each day, month, or even year, can become a distant memory.  I don’t know about you, but adding the skill set of LAZY to my résumé, isn’t something I want to embrace.  That is why my planner has become much more than just a calendar to keep track of important dates and birthdays.  It is more like an accountability system to keep me in check.

Prior to having children, I would have liked to consider myself a driven and goal oriented person.  The sense of accomplishment in my career, whether it came from small or large tasks, kept me looking forward.  Having a schedule, or a deadline, put in place by my superiors only fueled my inner achiever.  To go from a fast paced, time sensitive environment, to no schedule can become crippling.  All of the sudden you are on your own, and left to your own devices (what a nightmare).  And, to top it all off, there isn’t anyone encouraging you like there may be in the workforce.

So, while I still obviously use my planner as a calendar marking down important dates, I also utilize it as a task tracker.  This gives me the feeling of accountability.  When something is written down, and I don’t mark it as completed, I feel guilty.  Therefore, encouraging myself to do better the next day.  I used to get carried away with my daily goals and tasks, and found myself overwhelmed.  My advice is to start out small, and DON’T write everything down.  Now, I know this post kind of overlaps with My Stationery Love Story.  However, I thought some of you might like a more comprehensive view of my planner, and how I utilize it.  There is nothing revolutionary or extraordinary here, just simple and REAL.

image1Here is what my monthly view looks like.  I like to use washi tape for two reasons.  One, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and two, I like to flag certain items so they stand out.  For example, my daughter’s school schedule and activities.  Then off to the right, under the notes section, I write down things that I will need to get accomplished that month. These items may not necessarily have a date associated, so this is the perfect section to put those reminders.  There is absolutely nothing special, but  it is completely functional.

I cannot say enough how much I love these Calendar Stickers.  Check them out here.


My weekly view is where the tasks come into play.  Like I said, I don’t write everything I do in a day down.  I basically highlight the main things I want to accomplish.  I prepped this for the blog so there are a few items that have yet to be added.  While my planner isn’t the nicest or the fanciest, I REALLY enjoy the layout.  I hope to upgrade to something like the inkWELL Press liveWELL planner, or even a Filofax in the future.  For now there is plenty of space for me to write down my to-do’s and check them off as I go.

The washi tape really takes it to the next level for me.  I am excited to decorate it each week, that itself then encourages me to open my planner each day, and actually use it.  As you can see it’s decorative, yet the flags placed vertically make my lists much neater.


For tasks that have an extended timeline, and that I don’t want to write down each week, I use a floating task list notepad like this.  Of course it’s Rifle Paper Co., I can’t help myself.


Finally, I thought I would share another item that I have recently added to my stationery collection, the 9th Letter Press Grocery and Meal Planner.  Previously, I’d meal plan and include this on my weekly/daily view of my planner.  Then, because this information was tucked away in my personal planner, I would constantly get the “what’s for dinner tonight?” question.   I saw this, and thought it was perfect!  Now our meals are posted on the refrigerator for everyone to see.

If you have a planner setup that you would like to share, or some of your favorite instagramers who post planner updates, please leave your suggestions in the comments!  Follow me on Instagram to see some of my weekly layouts here.


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