Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette


It’s only fitting that a resident of the “peach state” review the new Too Faced Sweet Peach palette.  If you follow me on Instagram, you knew this one was coming!  I know what you are thinking, I need another eye shadow palette like I need a hole in my head.  I thought the same thing, until I really considered how unique and perfect this color range will be for spring/summer.  I don’t own anything like it, and who doesn’t love peach tones?

The packaging, oh, the packaging.  I am a sucker for details and packaging.  I think Too Faced did a fabulous job in this area, and like it’s predecessors, they added a lovely scented element to this palette as well. While that doesn’t justify running out to buy this palette, it is a lovely addition.  Whenever you open the palette up to do your makeup, the sweet smell of peaches fills your senses.  In addition to the peachy scent, it has a magnetic closure and comes with cute mirror adorned with an embossed peachy friend.

Now let’s be REAL, there are about four or five colors in this palette that I will rarely use, if ever.  This is true for me with almost every palette available though, and if I like 13 out of the 18 shades, that is good enough for me.  I just don’t care for, nor can I pull off, the darker colors.  The Ulta sales associate, bless her heart, kept trying to tell me how I can utilize the darker colors.  It’s just not going to happen, and I am OKAY with that.  I am more of soft and neutral kind of girl.  I do, however, like trying new things, and the peachy tones of this palette are perfect.  Too Faced didn’t ONLY stick to peach shades, they added a variety of colors that will complement the peach shades.  Therefore, making this eye shadow palette more versatile, and easy to use.  Everything is in one place, as you don’t have to pull out three other eye shadow palettes to create one look.

As for the formula, they are in keeping with the Too Faced quality that I have come to love and expect.  The shadows are easy to blend and long lasting, especially with an eye shadow primer like Shadow Insurance (also by Too Faced).  The pigment and color payoff is great too!  Overall I am really enjoying these eye shadows thus far.





You will find a lot of tutorials utilizing the Sweet Peach eye shadows, and a lot of them are bold. You will NOT find that here.  Like I mentioned above, I don’t do bold eye looks.  So here a couple of looks I like to wear using these shades.  They are definitely more everyday wearable looks, and on the natural/neutral side.


For this look I used White Peach all over, from lid to brow bone.  Then I buffed the shade Georgia into my crease.  From there I added the shade Just Peachy to my lid.  I then deepened the crease shade just a bit using the color Puree.  Finally I popped Nectar onto my brow bone and tear duct areas for a slight highlight.  


For the second look I again took the color White Peach and applied it all over the eye lid and brow bone.  I gently buffed the color Georgia into my crease as a transition shade.  I placed Bellini all over my lid and blended Summer Yum into the crease.  Nectar was used to highlight my tear duct and brow bone.  

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