Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner


Over the weekend I went to Sephora and saw these lovelies on display, and the word “gel” in relation to lip liner intrigued me.  The Sephora Collection Rouge Gel lip liners are advertised as a “creamy gel lip liner softer than any traditional lip liner.”  That claim was enough to get me to swatch a few on my hand.  There is nothing worse than a crusty, dry, and painful lip liner.  When I swiped it on my hand I was amazed.  So I bought one, tried it, then went back and bought two more.  From this, one can deduce that I liked the formula.  It’s true, I in fact do adore the creamy and easy to apply formula.

I don’t typically use lip liner, even though I probably should.  It’s just an extra step that I don’t have the patience for.  For that reason, I bought these lip liners with the mindset that I would wear them on their own. Essentially in place of a lipstick or gloss.  Luckily, Sephora’s claim of a creamy gel lip liner that glides onto your lips with ease is 100% true.  They do not dry my lips out, and are extremely comfortable to wear.  The colors are opaque with a satin finish.  So if you are looking for something matte, this won’t fit the bill.  Besides being the creamiest lip liner ever, these beauties are retractable!  As if that isn’t great enough, Sephora thought of everything, and even included a built in sharpener if the tip becomes too dull for precise application.

The colors I have purchased thus far are #04 in creme de la creme, #07 in dragon fruit, and #15 in rosewood.  I think the price is pretty fair too at $12 a piece, especially for the quality. The mateREAL girl approves and recommends that you run to your local Sephora and grab yourself some creamy gel lipliners.  If you have them already, let me know what you think and what colors you have!


A sharpener is included on the bottom of the lip liner.

From left to right: #04 creme de la creme, #07 dragon fruit, and #15 rosewood


Sephora Collection Rouge gel lip liner in #07 Dragon Fruit.
Sephora Collection Rouge gel lip liner in #15 Rosewood.
Sephora Collection Rouge gel lip liner #04 Creme de la Creme. 


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