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Frends Taylor Headphones


Music is so powerful, so meaningful, so different and individual to each of us.  The medium by which we choose to listen to our musical predilection is also an individual preference.  What I like, the next person can undoubtably despise.  My opinion of the Frends Taylor Headphones is just that, my opinion.  “You know what they say about opinions?,” a delightful expression used by my father whenever a family member announced that they were about to state their opinion.

Assholes. Everybody has them.  However not everyone has gorgeous and magnificent headphones.  I received these beauties as one of my Christmas gifts from my parents this past year.  I chose them without hearing them first, and to my father this was taking a risk.  To most it’s a risky choice, but I assured him that I had read reviews and knew that they wouldn’t be terrible.  In my case, the risk paid off.  Now don’t buy these headphones expecting the rich bass that Bose can provide….it’s not going to happen.   If that is a must, go with the Bose headphones you’ve been eying and click out of my fabulous post.

Frends Taylor Gold Headphones, with Smoke Gold Resin caps 

Moving on.  The Taylor’s have a larger profile, with substantial round earpieces. They have a retro feel to them with the thinner headband and gold hardware.  They are not hideous like most, and they make a statement.  To me they say, “I’m listening to my music right now, back the hell off.”  They also have the benefit of becoming a lovely accessory with the option of changing the caps, as Frends sells a variety of interchangeable designs.  If you are like me and get bored easily, this is a wonderful feature.  The caps I currently have are the Smoke Gold, and Oil Slick.  They are super easy to take on and off.

Taylor’s shown with the Smoke Gold Resin caps on, and Oil Slick caps to the left.
Frends Taylor interchangeable caps shown in Smoke Gold, and Oil Slick
Frends Taylor Headphones shown in Gold Oil Slick

These headphone’s are perfect for those of us that wear spectacles.  I say that because they  do not lay flush against the sides of your head applying pressure to your glassess, and ultimately your head.  The earpieces themselves contain memory foam and are extremely comfortable. The design is not meant to be noise cancelling, but I think this is what allows them to be a more comfortable wear.



The cord is made of fabric and is meant to reduce tangling, I find this claim to be true.  There is a three button mic that controls the volume and music selection.  The headphones are collapsable, allowing them to fit perfectly in the included pouch, thus making them an excellent traveling companion.  Aside from the splendid design, the sound quality is also pretty splendid.  They provide a full and crisp sound that is more than adequate for my needs. In my subjective opinion, they are a good choice.  Take it as you wish.

If you’ve made it this far, I’ll shall share with you (in no particular order) some of the songs from my most current playlist that I have kept on repeat. Some are old, some are newer, and some are in-between.   Please share some of your favorites in the comments!  I love listening to new things and would love to hear your suggestions.









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