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Hi my name is Timera, and I am obsessed with Target.  Obsessed as in I become hysterically excited about running errands, because I know it will include our weekly trip to Target.  I’m like Marky Mark in the movie Fear who is obsessed with Reese Witherspoon’s character. Or like Amy from the book Gone Girl who becomes obsessed with getting the ultimate revenge on her husband Nick Dunne.  In other words, I’m crazy for Target.  Lets just say if I had to choose a retail store to live in, it would be Target.  If I could only spend my money in one store for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Target.  If I had to choose between a family member and Target, I would choose TARGET.  Target never lets me down.  I know a lot of you out there feel the same way I do, so let this be our own little Target Obsessed Anonymous group. In my best Mariah Carey voice, (READ: dying cat voice) “Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed.”

I am currently consumed with thoughts of Target’s home decor.  When I walk into any Target, I make a mad dash to the home decor section and squeal with excitement.  Some may find that embarrassing, but they are OBVIOUSLY not obsessed with Target.  Anyway, here are few things that I have scattered throughout my home that have come from none else but TARGET.

These placemats are great if you have children, as they protect your table yet are easy to clean. Shown above are the gray vegetable, red EAT, and gray YUM placemats.  The copper fruit basket and hedgehog salt and pepper shakers are also from Target.


The copper and white Bormioli Rocco Fido clamp jars are functional yet pretty.  I purchased the chalkboard labels in the Target dollar spot awhile back.  I guess I should mention that the Keurig K200 was purchased from Target as well, and it was a great deal  ($80).

The chalkboard sign was another dollar spot find.  Pictured above are the copper wall clock, and the copper pillar candle.


A couple of other great Target kitchen finds are these industrial bar stools and acrylic paper towel holder.  The bar stools are great quality and fit perfectly at our counter.  I love the contrast of the dark wood and the stark white coated metal.  The acrylic paper towel holder is sleek and modern.

I love it when designers collaborate with Target!  Like the most recent collaboration with blogger/designer Joy Cho’s Oh Joy! for Target line.  The end result is affordable yet adorable decor.  Pictured above is the Party Hedgehog figurine, and the OK Vase set from the Oh Joy! for Target collection.


Like everyone else at the moment, I’m loving marble accessories such as this Threshold Silver Task Lamp with white marble base.

Last but not least are the bedroom and bathroom textiles, everything shown above is once again from Target (excluding the sleeping toddler).  I immediately was drawn to the Watercolor Floral Quilt when I saw it in person, and then went a little flower crazy.  The gray Cable Knit Throw and Threshold faux fur throw pillow add texture and contrast to the bedding.  The fact that Target carries a similar print for a shower curtain and towels is an added bonus.  Pictured above is the Threshold Shower Curtain in Floral Blooms.  The towels are as follows; Pinch Pleat Bath Towels and a Coral Blooms Hand Towel.


16 thoughts on “Target Home Decor

  1. I just stumbled upon your post looking for something else online and I LOVE your owl cookie jar! I have been looking for a neutral/cream one. Would you please share where you found it?? Love your kitchen decor and target home decor is going to put me in the poor house!! it just keeps getting better every year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot. The owl cookie jar is from West Elm, several years ago. Unfortunately they no longer sell it. 🙁

      And I totally agree, I was just at Target the other day (it’s basically my second home), and the Project 62 collection is killing me! I want it all 😭


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