A Stationery Love Story


Continue reading this post if……the smell of paper is a euphoric experience for you.  If when you walk into a stationery store, such as the Paper Source, your heart goes pitter patter.  If writing lists on thick paperweight notepads is a form of therapy.  If your washi tape collection is better than your wardrobe. If you can appreiciate details such as envelope linings and how a good liner is like a pair of Manolo’s to your perfect outfit.  If you have your own love story with stationary like I do, then do please read on.

I blame my grandmother, as she has good taste in everything, especially stationery.  As a little girl I loved looking through her stationery, and couldn’t wait until I was older to have such lovely paper items of my own.  The day has come, and I cannot contain my LOVE for stationery. No one quite understands this love affair, and yes it has caused some problems in my marriage.  My husband just cannot compete.  All joking aside, if you are still reading, you are waiting ever so patiently to see the goods.  Let’s begin.

DSC00586Rifle Paper Co. is by far my favorite company for many things, but mostly stationery.  Anna Rifle Bond is an incredible illustrator/artist and the quality of her product surpasses the masses.  For my everyday essentials I am currently enjoying the Hanging Garden Notepad, and the matching notebook set.


DSC00583These scissors, I’ll admit, were purchased purely based on aesthetics.  They are beautiful, and if ever I needed them for a classic “planner” instagram pic, I now have the perfect prop.  These shears are the most powerful, yet scary scissors I own.  Everyone should own a pair of $18 Iron Utility Scissors from Anthropologie.


DSC00593My planner is my life.  It is what keeps me motivated to stay on track pretty much everyday.  It must be functional, yet pleasing to the eye.  I have yet to delve into the serious world of planning and Filofaxes, but I feel it coming.  For now, I am using the Paper Source Large Gold Leatherette Planner, and I love it.  The layout functions well for my needs, and it feels lovely.


DSC00574Pens, pens, pens, and more pens!  Le Pen by Marvy Uchida is the way to go, trust me.  In my opinion they are just the right size and have just the right fluidity making them the perfect pen.  I threw in my black sharpie pen also, because it too is a staple in any collection.


DSC00607Washi tape has many uses I am sure, but for me it has one.  It makes my ordinary planner more inviting, and it honestly motivates me.  By motivate I mean it helps me look forward to laying out and organizing my week.  In addition to decorating weekly pages, I also use washi to flag and organize my “to-do” lists.  Some of my favorites include the Market Street Washi Tape, Paper Source Black and White Washi Tape Set, as well as the Paper Source Metallic Washi Tape Set.  The container that I organize my washi tape in came from the Target bathroom accessories section.  I got the idea from one of my favorite YouTubers Ashley from makupTIA.  She has a similar glass container from Anthropologie, and I thought it was such a clever idea.  On a side note, if you really want to feel some planner/stationery envy go check out her latest planner video.   OH MY GOODNESS, it is pure bliss.


This pencil/pen pouch doesn’t need much of an explanation.  It does however deserve recognition, the Kate Spade Gold Dot Pencil Pouch.



Lastly, make sure you check out the Target Bullseye Spot for cute stationery accessories such as page flags and sticky notes.  I also think the Paper Source Calendar Stickers are a great addition to any calendar/planner.


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