Tartelette in Bloom


This is a mateREAL review, and by real I mean a review by someone that has realistic abilities to apply makeup.  Average.  I am NOT a professional nor am I a beauty “guru.”  That therefore qualifies me to provide a “real” opinion of the Tartelette in Bloom eyeshadow palette by Tarte.

I’m going to put myself out there….literally.  I am going to provide pictures of myself, with a mediocre application of the Tartelette in Bloom eye-shadows. Riveting, I know.  Why am I doing this?  Good question, and I am about to answer myself on a public forum.  I am posting mediocre pictures of myself because it is real life.  When a beauty guru applies makeup in a tutorial it’s nearly perfect in my opinion.  That is great because it gives us average folks inspiration to try new “looks” on ourselves.  It NEVER turns out the same, because lets face it we (I) just aren’t that great at putting on our own makeup.  So I thought it might be useful to show you how these eyeshadows look on someone who LOVES makeup, but just isn’t great with technique.

“She believed she could, so SHE DID”

  • On my first application (shown above) I used smarty pants and rebel in the crease.  I put firecracker on my lids, with a bit of funny girl on the middle of my eyelid.  On the lower lash line/lid I used rebel.
  • For my second application I used sweetheart in the crease and the lower lash line.  I then used funny girl on the lid and inner corner.  On the brow bone I used charmer.
  • For my third and final look I applied charmer all over the eyelid up to my brow bone.  I then blended jetsetter into my crease, and onto my lower lash line.  Rocker was used on the lid.

I have used plenty of other Tarte products in the past, but I couldn’t break out of my NARS, Urban Decay, Stila comfort zone to try their eye-shadows.  So this was a first for me and in the end I was pleasantly surprised.  At first I’m not going to lie….I was like WTF is this ish?  I questioned my life, and all of the choices I have made up until this point.  Long story short, upon the first application of a matte shade, it was patchy.  Highly pigmented, but patchy nonetheless.  Normally I blame everyone else and their mother if something doesn’t go as planned.  It’s never me, I’m perfect.  Since I am being real here I have to admit it was ME (I’m starting to decay).  I don’t have the greatest brushes to begin with, but the one that I was using is dense.  Once I used a fluffier brush SURPRISE it was fine.  Like I said, I’m not an expert.

Overall I think this is an awesome palette for experts and the mediocre alike. The color range is great, and the texture of the shadows themselves is “like butta.”  If you are on the fence about getting this palette…I say go for it.


12 thoughts on “Tartelette in Bloom

  1. Good review I was wondering about that one. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, it is nice to see a real person using these products and I am jealous of your eyeliner skills.

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