Vera Bradley Quilted Cara Convertible Bag in Nude

This is not the most luxurious bag I have owned or have been in the presence of.  However for the price point and the brand it is a pretty darn good handbag.  We all know Vera Bradley for their vibrant cotton quilted patterns, and they are not everyones cup of tea (including me).  In the last year or so they have branched out from the preppy matched patterned accessories and introduced leather.  REAL leather.  My first acquisition is the Quilted Cara Convertible Bag in the color Nude.  This bag is part of the Sycamore leather Spring 2016 collection with colors including nude, cloud gray, white, and black.


Vera Bradley Cara Quilted Convertible bag in Nude.  Pictured in natural lighting.

The leather is extremely soft which gives the bag a luxurious feel.  It features gold toned hardware, metal feet on the bottom (YES!), a zip pocket in the front, and a pocket in the back with a magnetic closure.  The best feature in my opinion and what sold me on the bag was the ability to switch from a shoulder bag to a cross body with the additional strap.

The interior has a zip pocket located in the back of the bag, and two slip pockets on the front interior.  It has plenty of space, and at the moment it fits my needs.  I downsized from a large 12 credit card slip wallet to a compact Jen Zip ID Case pictured below. This was purely preferential, the bag can absolutely hold a large wallet as well.

Contents of bag: Vera Bradly Jen Zip ID Case, Keys, Passport (you never know), and LeSportsac Rifle Paper Co. cosmetic pouch

I have included a few more pictures below, as I couldn’t find much when googling the bag.  For those of us that like to do our “research” prior to purchasing….. lots of pictures are a MUST.  I can’t say much more about the bag as I have only had it for a few days now, but I can say I have enjoyed it thus far.  As for the color and the maintenance, we shall see.



Vera Bradley Quilted Cara Convertible bag in Nude.  Pictured with flash.



4 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Quilted Cara Convertible Bag in Nude

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by! I would have to say that I honestly love everything about this bag! If I had to choose one negative thing, it would be the nude color. It is prone to staining from rubbing up against fabric, but that’s with any light colored leather. I am LOVING the newer Claret color, it looks beautiful! And, I’m sure that wouldn’t be an issue with a darker color like that.


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